Brick Slips

Brick Slips (also known as Brick Veneers) are a thin layer of brick that is used to visually improve a structural façade. They are commonly used to provide a form of surface finish as opposed to providing any structural use, and they can aesthetically make a significant difference to your building.

This solution is generally formed from thin brick materials, which are usually no larger than 20mm thick (as opposed to standard bricks which are 102.5mm thick) and they can be installed for indoor applications such as around fireplaces, or for exterior facades where they are applied as a form of Wall Cladding.

There are many advantages to using Brick Slips such as:

  • They have a quick turnaround time for Installation
  • They carry less weight than other masonry solutions
  • Air cavities that are located behind a Brick Slip Façade can help Insulation
  • They are fire-resistant and provide long-lasting durability
  • They are versatile for a wide range of decorations
  • They require minimal maintenance

For internal applications, Brick Slips are Installed in a similar way to tiles. Mortar or adhesive materials are spread across the wall and the Brick Slips are then laid on top, separated only by drying plastic spacers.

In terms of external surfaces, Brick Slips are laid in a similar way to internal walls, but they are applied as a form of Wall Cladding. However, there is also the option to Install them as free-standing panels and are anchored back to the structural frame. Usually, this type of Brick Slip is vertically self-supported, but not in multi-story buildings, as shelf angles can be applied to provide a horizontal expansion joint (usually pointing towards the floor edges). This means there is room for expansion of the Brick Slips and any possible shrinkage of the frame.

Why HS RoofClad?

HS RoofClad’s Wall Cladding experts have special expertise in applying Brick Slips to a variety of internal and external structural applications. They are available to assist with the surveying, Installation and Cladding Testing process, and our personnel have decades of experience between them.

If you require a free consultation and quote, contact HS RoofClad’s specialists today online or by phone on 020 3002 6865.

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