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External Wall Fire Review (EWS1)

Our team are available now to help you complete and submit your External Wall Fire Review (EWS1) documentation. 

HS RoofClad

Following the disaster of Grenfell Tower, many of the UK’s buildings have been under the microscope when it comes to Cladding compliance and the potential fire risks caused by the existence of non-compliant systems being in situ. Though the investigation works conducted have been heavily weighted towards residential properties above 18m, there is a far bigger picture as there are other structures such as Commercial buildings that need to be reviewed.

HSRoofClad have been working closely with our clients over the last few years undertaking thorough Cladding Testing to identify potential combustible systems and furthermore, proposing and undertaking remediation works to resolve the issues and ensure their buildings external fabric is compliant with regulations.

The whole process may look daunting, but that does not give any reason to ignore potential issues. HSRoofClad are leading the way with a bespoke service to assist from start to finish ensuring your buildings comply to all current regulations.

Most recently, HSRoofClad have been working in partnership with Chartered Surveyors and Fire Consultants to undertake External Wall Fire Reviews (EWS1) to identify and confirm whether external structures of the buildings meet fire and building regulations in line with Government’s guidelines.

Due to the expertise that HSRoofClad can offer, the company is in a position to facilitate initial surveys (including EWS1 processes), design remediation works packages and undertake the works thereafter, through to successful completion and the delivery of a signed EWS1 form.


The Process

EWS1 was introduced by RICS to aid valuations for high-risk, high-rise buildings. The process should be carried out in line with the most recent government guidelines (residential buildings above 18m). The process and stages of HSRoofClad facilitating an EWS1 survey are outlined below:

  • Client to complete and return an initial EWS1 enquiry form
  • Alongside the completed EWS1 enquiry form, the client would provide supporting documentation where possible:
    • Existing external cladding specification
    • Documentation for insulation that may be present
    • Documentation for fire stopping system in place
    • Documentation for cavity barriers details
    • As fitted drawings from construction stages for all the above if available
    • Any Fire risk assessments
  • HSRoofClad will then review all the information provided with our RICS accredited Chartered Surveyor
  • A survey proposal will be provided to conduct intrusive surveying works to areas highlighted by the Chartered Surveyor (this will involve removing cladding panels, exposing cavity barriers behind brickwork, identifying fire stopping)
  • The initial site visit will involve the attendance of a Chartered Surveyor and HSRoofClad’s building fabric experts to expose and investigate pertinent locations to confirm the EWS1 criteria. All intrusive works will be made good by HSRoofClad during our attendance
  • The Chartered Surveyor will compile an initial report which will be passed to a Building Surveyor for review
  • The Building Surveyor will then pass their findings on to a Chartered Fire Engineer who will investigate all prior parties’ findings and identify any remediation requirements
  • HSRoofClad will deliver the completed Façade Report to the client alongside a signed EWS1 form


HS RoofClad will not stop until each and every one of the above criteria is met. When it comes to health and safety, it is beyond a matter of customer satisfaction, as protecting human life is the most important aim of the business.

We will help you to prepare for remediation – click here for more information

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