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The UK’s Leading External Wall Fire Review (EWS1) Specialists

Our team are available now to help you complete and submit your External Wall Fire Review Survey (EWS1)

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Why HS RoofClad?

Working closely with Leaseholders, Managing Agents, and Building Owners, HS RoofClad has worked tirelessly to ensure any project we are involved with takes into consideration the needs of all parties. Namely, supporting Leaseholders to ensure we do everything we can to support the many thousands of families and individuals experiencing this situation first-hand.

HS RoofClad has been working closely with our clients over the last few years undertaking thorough Cladding Testing to identify potential combustible systems and furthermore, proposing and undertaking remediation works to resolve the issues and ensure their buildings external fabric is compliant with regulations.

Cladding Installation

It is our aim to ensure complete visibility throughout these works, to ensure Building Owners, Managing Agents and Leaseholders have access to the correct information. The focal point being to highlight any defects present which would aid the spread of fire within a block and ensure the correct action can be taken to resolve.

Following the delivery of any Façade Report, whether that has been completed by ourselves or others; as a Design & Build contractor, HSRoofClad can assist you in progressing any façade remediation requirements.

HS RoofClad has been working in partnership with Fire Consultants and Building Inspectors to undertake External Wall Fire Reviews (EWS1) to identify and confirm whether external structures of the buildings meet fire and building regulations in line with Government’s guidelines.





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The Process

EWS1 was introduced by RICS to aid valuations for high-risk, high-rise buildings. The process should be carried out in line with the most recent government guidelines (residential buildings above 18m). The process and stages of HS RoofClad facilitating an EWS1 survey are outlined here:

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We first ask clients to complete and return an initial EWS1 enquiry form.
Alongside the completed EWS1 enquiry form, the client would provide supporting documentation where possible:
– Existing external cladding specification
– Documentation for insulation that may be present
– Documentation for fire stopping system in place
– Documentation for cavity barriers details
– As fitted drawings from construction stages for all the above if available
– Any Fire risk assessments

The initial site visit will involve the attendance of our Fire Consultant, this is what we call a ‘scoping visit’. This is a visual review of the site to identify the below:

  • Façade types/materials present
  • To identify proposed locations to conduct intrusive investigations
  • To confirm access requirements and site logistics (this meaning, will Cherry Pickers be required, are there any access restrictions or site-specific considerations to be made)

Following this visit, an initial report will be provided to the client to ensure proposed sample locations are agreed between both parties and all job-specific information is provided to the client to ensure appropriate preparations can be made and communicated to residents.

This visit again involves attendance from our Fire Consultant, along with HS RoofClad’s building fabric experts. They will conduct intrusive investigations on the agreed locations. All intrusive works will be made good by HS RoofClad during attendance, to ensure the building is watertight.

Our Fire Consultant will compile a detailed report following the intrusive works conducted on-site. This will include details of all materials present supported by photographic evidence.

Once completed, the report will be passed to our Building Control Official who will expand further upon these findings. The Building Control Official will make specific reference to what we have observed and if this meets current Building Regulations.

Finally, our Fire Engineer then reviews the information provided by all prior parties and provides their ‘Executive Summary’. The Fire Engineer is the party who will sign off on the EWS1 form.

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With You Every Step of The Way

25+ Years of Industry Expertise

Our experts have worked within the cladding remediation and fire protection industries for over 25 years. They have attended thousands of sites across the UK and have established themselves as experts within the EWS1 industry through conducting surveys to the highest standard.

What We Look For

Our experts survey the building and conduct intrusive works, paying close attention to all materials found. Materials of particular interest include:

ACM – Aluminium Composite Material

HPL – High-Pressure Laminate

PIR – Polystyrene Insulation

Celotex – Insulation

A thorough report is created, highlighting all materials found during the inspection and each will be assessed against the cladding fire rating guide.

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