How Do I Get an EWS1 Form? 17th May 2021

The best way to get the EWS1 process underway is by contacting one of our experts for an initial no-obligation consultation. Our EWS1 experts will explain everything that you need to know and will help you get started (if indeed you do need an EWS1). It will also be worthwhile to fill out an initial EWS1 enquiry form. This can either be obtained by calling our EWS1 specialists, or by filling in your details in our contact form.

How Do I Get an EWS1 Form?

Once you have filled in an initial enquiry form, this will begin the process of obtaining an EWS1 certificate through HS RoofClad. Ultimately, only qualified professionals are permitted to conduct an EWS1 survey, and HS RoofClad have partnered with them.

Once the first step has been completed, the process will begin and there will be two required site visits. The first will consist of our Fire Consultant visiting the building that requires the survey. The main reasons for this are to identify what type of façade and materials are on the building, as well as identifying the potential locations on the structure to conduct intrusive investigations. Another purpose of the visit will be to confirm what access requirements and logistical challenges might be needed (for example, if a cherry picker is needed).

The second site visit will once again involve the attendance from our Fire Consultant, however on this occasion, HS RoofClad’s specialist building fabric operatives will also be present. Both will conduct intrusive investigations on the areas that were identified in the first visit, and all intrusive goods will be made good by HS RoofClad personnel once the inspections have been completed.

Our Fire Consultant conducts the intrusive inspections and they will compile a thorough report that includes details of the wall materials that are present supported by photographic evidence. Each material is also assessed against the Cladding fire rating guide.

Once this report has been completed, it will be forwarded to a Building Control Officer, who will (where possible) add additional comments to these findings. The Building Control Officer will specifically refer to what we and our Fire Consultant have observed and will also conclude if the structure meets current building regulations.

The individual that signs the EWS1 certificate is our Fire Engineer. They will review the information that has been provided by all parties involved and following this our Fire Engineer will provide their ‘Executive Summary’ The party who is responsible for the final sign off is also our Fire Engineer.

Once the form has been signed off, your building will have a valid EWS1 certificate for five years. This also covers the entirety of your development When a building has been altered in any way, a new form might be required.

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