Eagle Wharf

In recent months, HS RoofClad removed and replaced the cladding at Eagle Wharf, a scenic residential apartment building located on the bank of the River Thames.

Project Information

£2.3 Million
Early 2021
12 Months
Services Included

HS RoofClad Provided the Markets Best Cladding Solution

The property’s previous cladding was old, worn-down and subsequently began to look visually unappealing. It was decided between the client and HS RoofClad’s Cladding experts that an ACM Panel System would be the best solution, with the addition of Brise Soleil and Fascia’s & Soffits materials to control the sunlight, heat and airflow for the structure’s interior. The new panels ensure that the building looks visually appealing, and additionally provides upgraded fire safety for the structure and its occupants.

Our Approach

Our specialist team installed scaffolding around the structural façade and subsequently removed the existing panels from the building, replacing them with the new Cladding materials. Insulated panels were installed, and a subsequent Over-Cladding system was then placed on the outer layers of the façade. The solution complies with building and fire safety regulations and provides a much-needed visual improvement for residents and passers-by alike.

What Was Said About This Project

Due to the apartments’ dominant location upon the banks of the River Thames, HS RoofClad recognised that it was essential to improve the visual appeal of the structural façade for residents and passers-by alike due to its aging architecture. Cladding personnel are carrying out a complete overhaul of the exterior system and are in the process of installing safer and more aesthetically appealing wall panels to improve the building’s design.”

Why Safe Wall Cladding Is Essential for Your Building

It is of the utmost importance to ensure your building is compliant with fire safety regulations, and one of the most important aspects to consider for this is Wall Cladding. If your structures façade consists of panels that do not meet regulatory standards, they could provide a real risk to your assets and the residents within the building itself. That is why it is incredibly important to ensure your building’s Cladding Panels are inspected and upgraded when necessary.

It is the mission of HS RoofClad’s highly experienced Cladding specialists to provide a market-leading service and the best materials and solutions within the industry for our clients. We offer Cladding and Façade services for the following:

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