Single Ply Roofing System for an Interior Fit Out Company

Harrison Jorge required HS RoofClad’s services to provide a bespoke high-quality Roofing solution for a bank undergoing refurbishment works in North London.

Project Information

April 2019
1 Month
Services Included

The Brief

Responsible for the fit-out of both the new build and refurbishment projects for a chain of banks across the UK, Harrison Jorge required a specialist Roofing contractor to deliver exterior elements for the building. Their team contacted HS RoofClad’s specialists to provide a bespoke Single-Ply solution for one of these branches in North London.

Our Solution

HS RoofClad installed a new tapered Flat Roofing Overlay to a concrete deck Roof structure, which ensured that the new extension and the older Roof were aligned in the finish. Working with leading manufacturers, Protan, HS RoofClad’s specialist Roofing team installed a dark grey Single-Ply Membrane that is complete with a 25-year guarantee.

Additionally, this membrane overlay was also supplied to the building’s parapet walls and supports which met the client’s desired expectations for the entire Roof space. With a high level of detail required for the beams and post penetrations, this solution ensured that the Roof and structural façade remained aesthetically pleasing, and this was supported by the addition of bespoke aluminium pressure fit cappings.

HS RoofClad also provided an Avian Netting Protection System, along with prefabricated lead detail work to plinths and stone cornices.

What Was Said About This Project

The solution that was applied to the building is of a much higher quality than the previous installment. The Single-Ply system is a significant improvement and means that the property has a long-term protection due to the bespoke waterproof membrane that has been installed by HS RoofClad.”

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