Cladding Refurbishment for a Prominent London Hotel

A popular central London hotel required extensive refurbishment on the building’s exterior façade. Subsequently, HS RoofClad’s assistance was requested.

Project Information

Late 2019
2 Years
Services Included

Bespoke & Safe Wall Cladding for Our Client

It was agreed between the client and HS RoofClad that ACM Cladding was the best solution for the building. This was due to the end-users requirement for a more visually appealing façade so that the vicinity of the hotel would feel more welcoming for guests and passers-by alike. It was also a viable solution due to the fireproof materials that the Insulated Panels are made from, meaning they comply with safety regulations and will prevent flames from spreading quickly if an incident ever occurred.

Our Approach

Following the removal of the existing Cladding and Insulation, HS RoofClad installed the ACM Sheet Materials & Panels across the structural façade. This process was in line with the schedule that was agreed pre-construction, and also provided enough time for the installation of the fire-safe insulation to ensure the panels provided upgraded safety for the building’s occupants. Follow up inspections have been arranged to ensure the new Wall Cladding is fully compliant and meets industry standards, and once inspections have been completed, the building will receive certification so that it can be legally deemed as safe.


What Was Said About This Project

The structural Wall Cladding required a complete overhaul due to the outdated design of the previous panels. HS RoofClad have provided a market-leading system by installing a fire compliant and aesthetically pleasing solution across the entireity of the building’s façade, which ensures hotel guests are presented with a much more welcoming environment upon arrival.”

Why Safe Wall Cladding Is Essential for Your Building

HS RoofClad are here to ensure your building, its assets and its occupants are safe and protected from any fire risks. We have established ourselves quickly within the industry, and are offering bespoke services ahead of our competitors in External Fire Wall Surveys (EWS1) and Façade Compliance Testing through to Installation projects for Insulation, Rainscreens, Specialist Cladding and Over Cladding. HS RoofClad also offers Cladding Remediation & Repairs for any damaged or insufficient panels.

Do you require a Cladding solution?

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