Hot Melt Roofing

A Hot Melt Roofing System is a self-healing hot liquid roofing membrane that is applied directly to a pre-prepared surface, usually made of concrete. The system is monolithic, and the liquid is usually formed by a variation of materials such as Synthetic Rubbers, Refined Bitumen, fillers, and other products. Once the layer has been implemented, this can act as a rain-resistant material meaning the system is a guaranteed waterproof solution with long-term durability.

The best use of a Hot Melt System is applying it as an Inverted Roof System. This is when the hot Liquid Membrane is laid directly on the concrete slab of the roof, with the insulation and Waterproofing system below the concrete. Once this has been applied, the insulation is laid on top of the new layer. When thinking about a Hot Melt Roofing System, these are the advantages to consider;

  • Waterproof – A Hot Melt Roof Membrane is rain, snow, and frost resistant
  • Excellent adaptability to low temperatures – Can withstand temperatures as low as -18C
  • A reliable, long-term system – It is designed to last a lifetime and is Ultra-Durable throughout
  • Cost Efficiency and Fast Installation – Due to the long-term performance there is no need for a roofing replacement during the building’s life span
  • Environmentally Friendly – The membrane materials are easily recyclable and there is hardly any packaging to dispose of

Many different building owners approach HS RoofClad for assistance on implementing a Hot Melt Roof System. As the system is adaptable to a variety of buildings, it is a highly popular method of installation. A Hot Roofing membrane can be applied to the following solutions;

  • Waterproofing a Concrete Deck
  • Flat Roofing (for short or long life)
  • Flat Roofing with Environmental Protection
  • Fast Track Flat Roofing
  • Green Roofing
  • Inverted Roofing
  • Complex Roofing Layouts and Penetrations

Hot Melt Roofing solutions should only be installed by an industry specialist that is certified, such as HS RoofClad. It is also worth considering what your buildings structural deck can support in terms of weight, for example, an inverted roof system is usually between 95kg/m2 and 140kg/m2. The roof also needs to be designed to support adequate overflow and drainage, and all thermal requirements and wind conditions must comply with the recommendations of BS 6229:2018.

Why HS RoofClad?

As industry leading specialists in the roofing industry, HS RoofClad are available to design, supply, and install all types of Roofing, whatever your requirements. With a keen eye for health and safety, you can be sure that your building’s exterior is compliant with all current standards.

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