The Advantages of a Roof Overlay 19th May 2021

Is Your Roof Suitable for a Roof Overlay?

Depending on the condition of your current Roof, a Roof Overlay can provide you with the ability to reduce budgetary expenditure compared to potentially costly replacement works. So, what are the key characteristics of a Roof structure that is suitable for a Roof Overlay?

Most Commercial and Industrial Roofing spaces will be suitable for a Liquid Plastic Roof Overlay, providing the existing insulation and structure are in good condition. Core samples would be required to determine the condition of these Roofing elements, and providing that insulation is dry and not increasing U Values as per UK Building Regulations, a Roof Overlay would be possible. If insulation is damp, a replacement should be considered. Our specialists recommend booking a Condition Survey to determine this before instructing any works.

The following systems are eligible for Roof Overlays:

How Are Roofing Overlays Built Up?

  1. Existing Roof
  2. Primer existing surface
  3. Primer existing surface using spray-applied primer
  4. Apply PU spray adhesive
  5. New thermal insulation
  6. Adhered membrane

The Advantages of a Roof Overlay with HS RoofClad

  • Cold applied Roofing system, including warm Roofs, Inverted and Green Roof finishes
  • Seamless, durable and weather-resistant waterproofing solution for exposed Roof areas
  • A waterproofing membrane capable of curing in a wide range of conditions, making it ideal for use in our unpredictable UK climate
  • Reduced fire risk due to no hot work requirements
  • The system achieves high fire ratings when tested in accordance with BS476:Part 3:2004 and EN1187:2002:Test 4
  • BBA Accreditation (Certificate No: 16/5294) and ETA Accreditation (and is, therefore, CE marked)
  • Market-leading specialist systems for over 50 years with 10, 15 and 20-year guarantees available
  • Improves Flat Roof drainage
  • Cost-effective with no downtime for your business

As a Sika approved contractor, HS RoofClad have access to the best Liquid Plastic systems in the UK – with the ability to offer Roof Overlays and Recoveries at a fraction of the cost for a complete replacement, complete with a 15-year guarantee. Get in touch with our specialists today to discuss your project.

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