What is an EWS1 form? 22nd March 2021

Following the tragic events at Grenfell Tower in 2017, one of Britain’s largest ever government investigations is still taking place. Whilst the inquiry is ongoing, thousands of homeowners in apartments and flats, particularly in high-rise buildings, are unable to sell or remortgage their properties without documentable evidence of an External Wall Fire Survey, also known as an EWS1.

EWS1 is a fire safety certification form designed for high-rise residential buildings that has been formally prepared by RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors). The aim of the form is to minimise any risk of a fire on a building’s exterior façade. The wall materials on a structure are the focus of this. The EWS1 document has been designed to help specialists within the field to provide landlords with assistance when it comes to assessing their external wall materials, particularly for those who own a residential apartment where the highest floor is at least 18 metres above ground level. Following the completion of this process, and after the cladding has been declared as safe, the building in question will obtain an EWS1 certificate.

What is an EWS1 form?

EWS1 is a fire safety certification form designed specifically for high-rise residential buildings. The form (created by RICS) aims to highlight any risks to a fire spreading within the external wall system.

The form must be completed by someone who is considered a competent expert such as a Fire Engineer with the appropriate PI insurance, a member of the relevant professional body that deals with fire safety or a member of a professional body within the construction industry. Once completed, the Fire Engineer will then produce a detailed façade review which coincides with the signed EWS1 form.

Due to some of the problems residents and building owners are facing, this is a fast-moving situation. The EWS1 process might be subject to change at any time, depending on the actions of the government, RICS, and other parties that are involved. Despite this, HS RoofClad’s experts are experienced within EWS1 and will remain knowledgeable to any changes to the process.

For more detailed advice, a free consultation is available from our EWS1 experts. To get in touch with them, contact us now.

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